Die-cast models seems to be very rare. Corgy Toys and Dinky Toys made a small quantity of a Classic (Corgi) and a Capri (Dinky) in the early '60. I know of a larger scaled plastik model (1:18) of a Classic, made in China. In the early '90, Pathfinder Models made a 1:43 scaled model of a Capri GT, limited to 300 units in Monaco Red and 300 units in Ambassador Blue and Sapphire Blue in excellent quality. Each Capri have got a certificate with it's unique serial number.

EKO, a spanish manufacturer produced a 1:86 scaled Classic. They were available in 4 different colours. In 1995, Autosculpt produced a small quantity of a Classic and Capri, scaled 1:86. Both are of good quality and even small details are visable. The only kit I know is the Triang Spot On Classic - a rough diamond. You'll need houres (days!) to make a fine model from that block of metal. Nevertheless, the kit isn't expensive and a good base for modifications. So you can create a hatchback, a pickup.... .
Lledo (Vanguards), a British manifacturer of quality car model did release a two tone scale (1:43) model of the Capri and the Classic in May and June 1999.
Well, let's have a look at some models of my own collecton:

Cersten Richter 1998, 1999, 2000
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